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The saga continues. Contained herein is Page 2 of the mysterious and much sought-after Book of Saiba, which contains the secrets of the universe that can turn an empire to dust or bring a heart back to life. You can read Page 1 here.

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(Note that some editing has been done by the Loremaster, Jessica Artemisia, for coherence within the overall structure.)

And without further ado, here is…


Submitted by Discord user: Saigo#1123

Over the course of the last 100 years, the residents of Wintermoon have seen the life drained from their city — trees removed, ground torn up, and animal life purged from within the walls of Wintermoon. All in the name of science and cybernetic enhancements. Any traces of the Wintermoon of old were removed in favor of a New Society or eventually destroyed in the Kaze Conquest. All that remains of this lost culture across the city are decrepit statues of forgotten heroes and abandoned structures deep in the mountainside protected only by the forces of nature long forsaken by the populations of Wintermoon.

The Kaze Elite are not the only ones to blame for this destruction, though the residents of Wintermoon hesitate to admit it. Strength, beauty, perfection. What started as science in the name of progress, became an unquenchable thirst for more. The technological advancements came with an arrogance and disregard for the gravity of the life around them. As a result, Wintermoon lost the longevity of the land it was built on and the connection to the resources they once lived off of.

Still, amongst the ranks of the Saiba and Kaze, there are those that value the ways of old and pay homage to nature lost. There are rumors of these groups manifesting themselves today in Wintermoon, although even the Chain has only recorded whispers. Some believe an ancient order of assassins attempt to preserve balance as a neutral force. Others talk of a group of exiled monks, practitioners of a religion no longer known to this world, that preserve a tenuous but true connection to the nature forsaken long ago by the Saiba and Kaze.

Even more rare are the few proud non-cyber amongst the top ranks of the Saiba and Kaze. They’re a minority that opted out of cybernetic enhancements out of pride and spent years to master their craft. Many who walk this path die, but the few who achieve the highest levels of mastery are able to hone their bodies and skills to rival even the division leaders. The non-cyber exist in the shadows, rarely spoken of, as their lack of cybernetic enhancements has prevented them from receiving the most elite titles and positions. But their very existence puts into question the necessity….

Submitted by Discord user: Quesarrito#3322

Over the course of 100 years of Kaze rule, the Monks of Saiba have since become figures of legend. The Kaze Collective destroyed all resistance in their initial conquest and continued to hunt down surviving members of their Order. As such, they are rarely seen or spoken of in public, if at all. Not much is remembered of their original Order or even the very names of the gods they served. Legends surviving in forgotten records speak of their ascetic nature and martial prowess. They say the Monks of Saiba would pass on their traditions through apprentices and storytelling. But these are mere legends. There very well could be a chosen few who survived to keep the old traditions alive, but no data on them appear on the Chain nor can Kaze investigations confirm their existence.

Submitted by Discord user: woof2#9896

The year is 2167 tech has evolved to a stage where Saibas are discovering that they can augment their abilities by using special meditation techniques to access a hidden dimension, known as the Saiya Field. Plugged into the Saiya Field, Saibas are learning to master the ability to communicate, transfer knowledge, learn old and new skills, and recruit new Saiba members by bridging through a hidden ancient reality that, according to Saiba monks, was once called “planet earth,” the ancestors’ metaworld.

Submitted by Discord user: Quesarrito#3322

Nightadora is an annual masquerade held in the Night District to celebrate Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. Full of pomp, music, stylish masks, and excessive amounts of liquor, all are welcome at Nightadora where anyone can be anything. Including the Dregs. And as the night concludes, as tournament winners are announced, and as DJs close their sets, an enormous display of fireworks lights up the Wintermoon skyline in a dazzling array of colors, shapes, and sounds. Many Winterians choose this night to propose to their romantic partners, because amidst the unrestrained hedonism and indulgence, Nightadora serves as a comforting reminder to all: that in the longest and darkest of nights, we are one. We look after our own. And we stand together.

Submitted by Discord user: Dontiy#4683

To the Saiba Gang not all tattoos are for decoration. Some can carry heavy meaning, to the point where artists refuse to tattoo certain designs unless a fellow Gang Member can vouch for them. Saibas wear these special tattoos proudly and are respected for the achievements they memorialize. Some of these tattoos include:

— Verden Tattoos (green tattoos): These tattoos are for those who earned some rank in the Saiba gang. While optional, those who choose it are zealous for the Saiba Gang and are recognized for their passion and commitment to its cause.

— Raiga (Primal): These tattoos are only for elite Soldiers of the Saiba Gang who have demonstrated Valor on the battlefield. Whether it’s storming a highly defended position or fending off multiple enemies at once, these Saibas have shown to others that they laugh in the face of fear. Best not piss one of them off or you will see that valor acted upon you.

— Markz (Toxic): Markz tattoos are reserved for the most tactical and strategic of the Saibas. Nicknamed Markz, these sublime tattoos show that a Saiba developed an ingenious strategy at some point in their careers and are expert tacticians. A Mark can be your source of good fortune or your downfall depending on if they favor you. Another Mark will have to vouch for a Saiba to get this tattoo.

— Dragon Grip (Purple Tattoos): Not much is known about the Dragon Grip tattoo. Newer to Wintermoon, this mysterious design and group seemingly popped up out of nowhere. Saibas wearing this tattoo keep its meaning and method of attaining it tightly held secrets.

Submitted by Discord user: Squash32 | 453–9#2686

The JungleCat masks are limited in number and provide unique abilities to their wearer. Only those that have passed the Trial of the Lion are qualified and permitted their use. The mask provided a stim technology that the wearer breathes in when activated. Their mitochondrial function is boosted by a minimum of 10% though some wearers can experience up to a 25% boost. This increased cellular function provides boosts to both reflexes and speed. Unfortunately, this ability can only be used in short bursts.

In addition, the masks have a unique sonic technology. The wearer can emit a sonic roar that incapacitates enemies within a short-range. A Saiba wearing the mask can also activate a sonic envelope that cancels any sound a Saiba may make. When activated, the Kaze have no chance of hearing a JungleCat equipped Saiba approach.

JungleCat Saiba specialize in reconnaissance and close-in work. Some even feel that their sonic attack and ability to get close enough for hand-to-hand combat preclude the need for weapons. The Rites of the Lion is a grueling and dangerous test that few attempt and even fewer pass. The trial lasts one year with various stages of training and testing focused on close combat, stealth, stim management, and surveillance. The final test, if they make it that far, requires the Saiba to survey a designated Kaze target for 14 days undetected. At the end of the 14th day, the Saiba must abduct the target — no help, no weapons, no mask. If they succeed, they earn the mask.

Submitted by Discord user: Salohcin#2018

First invented by an infamous inventor in the industrial division named Tomo, Cyber Fangs, were to be first used to enhance guard dogs at Saiba gang hideouts. They contain a piece of corrupted code that can temporarily disable an attacking foe or enemies' cybernetic enhancements if bitten. They are now worn by various members of the Saiba gang within the 4 divisions. Cyber fangs can be purchased from merchants throughout Wintermoon City but are hard to come by. Cyber Fangs are explicitly banned by the Kaze, of course.

Submitted by Discord user: redmouse#2505

When the Kaze arrived at Wintermoon, they began a propaganda campaign to turn hearts toward them while dividing the population. Several cults emerged, claiming the Kaze were an ancient power that brought Saibas to Wintermoon, which played into the mysterious origin story already believed by the residents of Wintermoon. Using their airships and exotic power, the Kaze quickly co-opted this narrative, acknowledging their role in Saiba origins, yet withholding detail.

Speculation as to the Kaze’s motives, both for bringing the Saiba here and for returning, ran rampant. Recognizing the opportunity before them, the Kaze began funneling a significant amount of funds to charismatic cult leaders, allowing their cults to grow and spread their pro-Kaze beliefs. While the overt zealotry of these organizations has, for the most part, been replaced with a more services-based approach to delivering their message, their impact has not diminished. Kaze worship, overt or otherwise, has established a strong foothold in Wintermoon and continues to be a source of political, social, and economic division among the populace. You never really know who believes in the Kaze right to rule.

Submitted by Discord user: Saigo#1123

Wintermoon is situated on the coast of the Trekken Sea, nestled up against the towering Lua mountain range, which separates Wintermoon from the rest of Solaris. Due to the danger of the formidable mountains surrounding them, Wintermoon’s only contact for centuries has come from the ships docking at their port. Despite the danger of the mountains, the people of Wintermoon have developed a strong relationship with the land, farming a variety of crops such as rice, mikan, and peppers on the mountainside. Farmers who venture into the mountainside always traveled with a ram. It was tradition to keep rams in Wintermoon as they are the only animal both friendly to Saiba and reliable to guarantee safe passage.

The ocean, more treacherous than the mountains, has been stern but fair to the people of Wintermoon. Generations of fisherman and skin divers have traveled the waters off the coast, providing fish for their families and passing down the mysteries of the ocean through generations. One might say Wintermoon is stuck between a rock and a hard place with the harsh truths of the ocean and the mountains bearing down on them at all times, but the people of Wintermoon have been hardened over the years and developed an innate ability to adapt to new situations, climates, and realities.

Submitted by Discord user: Quesarrito#3322

In order to more easily track Winterians using their data surveillance system, the Kaze have developed a naming system that all native Winterians be assigned a number according to their genetic heritage. Their first name, given to them by their family or peers, is listed alongside it in Kaze records. As such, most Saibas go through life as [Name] [#4285, etc.] and forego the need for a last name. Orphans and those who come from broken backgrounds most commonly stick to this [Name] [Genetic Number] convention.

However, those who grew up knowing their parents well or are from a strong bloodline will often add their familial name, though this is becoming increasingly rare. As such, the difficulty in identifying Saibas in the Chain is significantly reduced when combined with their assigned numbers in Kaze records.

However, there is a unique case where an entire family of Saibas adopted the same first name while foregoing a familial last name. In this instance, multiple accounts with the same name and numeric identifier appear on the Chain. This has introduced a startling problem for Kaze investigators as it creates impossible, contradictory logs within the Chain. As one investigator put it, it “creates one giant-ass clusterfuck of a nightmare” to follow. The most recent example of this was in 2164 where it was discovered that a Winterian named Barry had named all three of his children Barry and whose wife also changed her name to Barry.

Submitted by Discord user: Barry#0882

The year is 2089. Many years had passed since the Kaze Collective arrived, and life isn’t getting any easier for the residents of Wintermoon City. Countless attempts to overthrow the Kaze were unsuccessful, with the Chain always remaining one step ahead.

Late in 2089, some members of the Saiba Gang began communicating in a language known as ‘The Saiya’, a mixture of images, symbols, sounds, motions, and in some cases even tastes. There was a steep learning curve and it was tough to crack, proving successful in going undetected by the Chain.

A small group who understood the intricacies of ‘The Saiya’ were able to remain undetected by the Chain and devise plans to overthrow the Kaze. It’s unclear if the Saiya is known to the Kaze or not. The Saiba’s source close to the Kaze can’t, or won’t, confirm either way.


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