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The Book of Saiba, a mysterious tome known to few that lives on the blockchain and in the wallets of selected Saiba Gang holders. Few read from its pages, but it is rumored that great power is bestowed upon those who hold all 10 of the Books pages before the Kaze Collective descends upon the Solana blockchain.

What do these mysterious pages contain? you might ask… And so many before you have asked this same question. Well, we have found them and will be revealing them one-by-one.

Here are the contents of Book of Saiba: Page 1, drawn from submissions from our community. Stay tuned for more opportunities to submit to our Lore Prompts to win Sol and Saibas, including 9 more Book of Saiba Pages and the next one starting today, which is for the Side Characters and Villains.

Each page contains 10–11 entries of 🔥 lore submissions from our community, and the first lore prompt yielded 21 amazing submissions. So this is Page 1 and we will publish Page 2 shortly after this.


By Discord user: Willis#8812

The coil swords are the brainchild of a young Industrial Saiba Gang member named Niko (named after Nikola Tesla, whose most famous invention was the Tesla Coil which allowed for the movement of electricity without wires). Niko managed to create a system to harness the electrical energy put into the air from the forcefield that the Kaze use to protect the Servo. This energy is stored in the blades of the swords and can be activated in battle to either stun foes or overload electrical equipment.

By Discord user: Willis#8812

The technology built by the Industrial District is crucial to the Saiba Gang’s chances of overthrowing the Kaze, but the desire to break free is not held by all those who live in the district. Many fear that the cause is hopeless and any failed attempts to overthrow the Collective could have drastic consequences. Most concerning among these would be the removal of their beautiful technology from their district. Because of this, moles are rampant in the Industrial District and will do whatever it takes to save their beloved technology, even if it means putting the lives of their friends and colleagues in the Saiba Gang in danger. These sentiments are known by the Gang leaders, but they are still trying to figure out a way to flush out all the rats. Maybe a little misinformation needs to be spread around to see what makes its way to the Kaze?

Submitted by Discord user: Quesarrito#3322

All transactions occur on blockchains allowing direct, instant, and universal use. After the Conquest, however, the Kaze Collective decreed that all personal addresses must be listed on the centralized Chain, known as the Servo, as a means to control the population. Thus, every transaction a resident of Wintermoon (aka Winterian), makes is tracked and would need compelling reasons to justify large or unexpected transactions when investigators come knocking. A typical meal would cost about 10 Saitoshis. Useful information on the location of a weapons cache could go for 10,000 Saitoshis, but everything in the Saibaverse is negotiable. This system has favored some Saibas willing to help the Kaze who, in turn, will happen look the other way when questionable activities pop up. It has led to a life of toil and suffering for countless others. A key part to defeating the Kaze will require beating the financial system that suppresses them.

Submitted by Discord user: TangoLima#8522

For generations the people of Wintermoon have been harvesting Wintersilk produced by the Winterworms, a species endemic to the valley. When Winterworms transition into pupae they burrow deep in the mountains and caves, moulting into a chrysalis for transformation. They re-emerge on the Winter Solstice beckoned by the cold full moon. As they take flight, the night skies light up with lingering bio-luminescence, traditionally marking the beginning of the Winter Festival. Wintersilk is highly valued as the most luxury textile in the world and the one most suited for war.

A hundred years ago, Bitereum was discovered in the caves where Winterworms burrow. Bitereum is the most sought-after ionic mineral, and scientists believe it holds the promise of quantum energy. The discovery of Bitereum prompted the brutal Kaze invasion enslaving Wintermoon into mining the mineral. Unknown to the Kaze, the true material that unlocks the mystery of quantum energy is found in the Winterworm’s chrysalis. Through naturally occurring fusion in Bitereum rich environments, the chrysalis is a bio-repository of stabilized quantum energy. The Saiba’s Industrial Division is racing to harness the chrysalis’ secrets as this could be the key to defeating the Kaze. Bittereum mining is however destroying the Winterworm’s habitat as fewer emerge with each passing season. They need to hurry.

Submitted by Discord user: TangoLima#8522

Saiba Blades are imbued with cybernetic capabilities. A variety of Saiba Blades may be chosen. Most start off with pure swords, often black Katanas that do not have any enhancements. Pure swords have the benefit of not needing energy and are impervious to cybernetics though they may not be as effective. Enhanced swords may be Neon Swords, Coil Swords, Emerald blades, or Chargeswords. Some are electro-charged, others are capable of sending impulse blasts, discharge cutting energy arcs, sonic waves, or disruptive EMP pulses. Chargeswords are the most sought after as they hold several attack options but they tend to be heavy and slow. Lately, experimental weaponry in the form of ambernetic wings has emerged and creative uses are being discovered. One drawback of cybernetic capabilities is that it requires a lot of energy to power and can only last as long as the capacity of energy stores. Once spent they become deadweight or revert to being pure swords.

Submitted by Discord user: Esoteric_Prime#9139

The Saiba are the makers of ritual they have turned everything into symbols of faith, they use symbols to communicate with each other, these symbols have deeper meanings. Those deep into the Saiba resistance understand what is really at stake, which goes far beyond overthrowing the Kaze. Those who have reached oneness understand that, understand what their true direction and purpose is. On the surface, a sign, symbol, or name might seem mundane and obvious, but everything is doublespeak, meanings within meanings. The general Saiba believes the gang needs to find a true leader to give them justice, but the truly initiated Saiba knows that the key to victory is to become one, to unite, not just with each other, but with all the exists. They need to return to the original oneness and tap into the limitless power there.

Submitted by Discord user: Quesarrito#3322

Assassins are best described as those capable Saibas who adhere to a nuanced moral code rather than any official organization, but all have been trained and initiated into the Secrets. The common notions of good, evil, and loyalty are somewhat beneath them. They see a bigger picture and feel obligated to bring balance to the Saibaverse, a natural result of their ability to make a serious impact while escaping the clutches of the law. A well-placed slice of a blade can end a war …or prevent one to begin with. Historical records show disgruntled Assassins describing it as a noble yet thankless and often misunderstood profession. There’s no certainty which side of a conflict an Assassin would employ their skills for. Stories of Assassins who suddenly turn on a gang leader who rise too quickly and unchallenged are not unheard of. Among their small profession, philosophical differences have been rumored to create distinct schools of thought, though the details of which are known only within their circles. As a result, their obscure and varying motives make employment of their skills quite the gamble. The presence of Assassins in Wintermoon City is felt but they are rarely seen; after all, a failed assassin is a dead one.

Submitted by Discord user: SiddFinch#7214

After invading and subjugating Wintermoon city, the Kaze imposed heavy censorship on all things related to the history, philosophy, religion, and art of Wintermoon’s society. After all, people are much easier to control when they are stripped of their cultural identity. All references to Wintermoon leaders both great and small have been censored and permanently deleted from the state-controlled network. In this advanced digital age, the only way to access these works now is through physical media, such as books, paintings, etc. Much of this was destroyed during the Kaze invasion. The works that did survive are considered highly illegal contraband. Wealthy Kaze sometimes keep these relics of the old world as amusing curiosities, the spoils of their conquest. Few residents of Wintermoon would dare keep such items. The Saiba, however, recognize these connections to the past as the spark that could inspire rebellion against the oppressive Kaze. Information on the whereabouts of such items is a highly valuable commodity, and many Saiba have risked their lives to recover these artifacts.

Submitted by Discord user: TangoLima#8522

The people of Wintermoon are technophiles. Children grow up dreaming about cybernetics, while idolising their favourite Saiba hero. Most, if not all, aspire to be in the Saiba gangs so they can gain access to the best stuff. Saiba recruits scrounge for parts and are willing to do everything they can to get hold of kits and upgrades. They usually go through a period of cybernetics promiscuity, experimenting with different gear. Choosing is tough as there are pros and cons with each possibility. They get pretty consumed about how they might achieve perfectly optimised kits and heated discussions about gear pairing often dominate conversation. They eventually discover what suits them and usually settle on enhancements that either amplify their inherent strengths or enhance specialist skill-sets within the Saiba.

The more mature realise that it’s not the Cybernetics but really the person that determines outcomes. All Saiba have personal quests to upgrade their Cybernetics the moment they commit to it. They grow more powerful with rarer attributes as they progress and if they are really honest with themselves, gear envy is a major motivator inspiring Saibas to rank up! The Industrial Division Saiba are the go-to for cybernetics outfitting, customisations, and repairs, while the Portsiders are the primary source for contraband parts. The Dregs often fight each other for it and it is not uncommon to find Night Quarter Saibas wagering parts at a card table.

Submitted by Discord user: Assassin Leader — yavi#2888

Since its inception, the Assassins have been engaging in smaller missions focusing on gathering intel and eliminating leaders. These missions are perilous and must be executed without fault. This is why the industrialists were secretly working on the Assassins project for many years, waiting for the right candidates to upgrade.

Now, the top graduates from the Saiba Initiation are selected for the assassin suit upgrade and are dedicated to a life serving the Saiba Assassin Team. The Assassins suit is a full titanium bodysuit from the neck down. It pulses with a vibrant green fluid that engages an unbelievably powerful hydraulic system that drives the arms and legs. The combination of Saiba hydro-technology and titanium shielding allows the Assassin Team to be almost indestructible.

Submitted by Discord user: elephantman62#2953

It is the biggest annual festival to celebrate the triumphs of the year, and what the mines have given that season. It is also a week-long event of soul-searching to find what truly brings us joy, which few people takes very seriously anymore and they just use it as an excuse for a week of revelry, and for some, debauchery. All of Wintermoon celebrates this festival, as it is their ritual to bring light into the middle of the brutal winter, and of course, the Saiba Gang love that it provides them with great cover to hide behind for that week.

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