Lore Prompt #4: The Side Characters and Villains

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3 min readNov 19, 2021


Ready for the final major lore prompt before we begin writing the official manga? Here it is! We want you to tell us what Side Characters and Villains you want to see in the story!

Each winner gets a free Saiba Gang NFT from the official collection for each winning entry and there is no limit to the number of winners or entries!

Please make sure that you have read all of the lore and backstory up until this point, including:

History and Background

The Divisions

The Main Characters

Book of Saiba: Page 1

Book of Saiba: Page 2


— Write up to 500 words about your character

— You have 3 days to complete this quest

— DUE DATE: Sunday, November 21st at Midnight EST

— Post your ideas in the official-submissions channel in the Discord (join here)

— Post as many times as you want! Please try to submit quality, thoughtful ideas, and don’t worry if English isn’t your first language. Give it a shot, fren!


REMINDER Remember we are keeping track of the quality submissions to reward you with points that can be redeemed for mints in the future.

Join the Discord here to participate!

For those who don’t know where to start, here’s a bit of help…

Think about what the current plot points and tensions are in the story and create side characters that add perspective and dimension and color to those issues. The side characters and villains are almost always there to help to develop the depth and interest of the main characters.

So who could be there to contrast them (villains) and who could be in the story to give them the opportunity to show who they are, their strengths?

Also, consider the plot and themes. What kinds of characters would bring the themes more into focus? And, as long as the person isn’t Kaze and is or could be a Saiba, you can use your own Saiba as the character submission.

Side characters might include:

— A crow called Mina who hangs out with Kay and brings him small gifts, including important keys, etc. (Mina is a shoutout to Mina protocol)

— Cosmo could be the name of the Industrial Saiba who is creating the Saiba blockchain (shoutout to Cosmos project, creating the internet of blockchains)

— Who teaches the Saibas? Are they monks, spies, thieves, assassins, etc.?)

— Who are their side-kicks, friends, siblings, people who live and work near them?

— Who are pioneers or friends in the metaverse we can shoutout and create a character around who would add dimension and interest to the story as it is?

For the villains, think about this:

— Who controls Di?

— Who will Kenji need to fight? And how will his suit become a problem, and how can he overcome it?

— What is Sakura’s relationship with her mother? Who is her mother and how might that become a dramatic problem?

— Who within the Saiba want to see the main characters fail?

— Does anyone bully the main characters?

— Does Kay have anyone who tries to hurt him by hurting his dogs?

— Does Moon have a nemesis?

— Who runs the Kaze? What is their character, flaws, strengths? How will that butt up against the main characters?



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