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It’s official! We have our main characters for our Saiba Gang official manga! 🎉 🎊 👏 🥳 Now, we do reserve the right to modify and add any characters at any time, so don’t be surprised if the manga you read in the future isn’t exactly the same. (Please note that our Loremaster has changed some details of the submissions to create a cohesive set of characters.)

Nevertheless, our winners will be credited and compensated, as they well should be! We are a co-creative community and everyone is appreciated and rewarded for their brilliant ideas and valued time they contribute to making the Saibaverse and community great! 🎉

So, drumroll, please 🥁🥁🥁

In no particular order of value or importance to the story, here are our main characters, so far:


Submitted by Discord user: NFT.henry#4081
Twitter: @NFThhenry
Saiba #3005

Light blue-skinned manga-style girl with emerald eyes, short violet hair and a black mask over her face that reveals horribly damaged mouth without lips. Black t-shirt and kitana on her back. Dark blue background.

Description: Sakura 16, short violet hair. Emerald green eyes and pale blue skin. Blue neon implants in both ears. Most noticeable feature is her damaged mouth.

Back story: Sakura is the only member of the Saiba gang that was once Kaze. Born into the Kaze community her mother and father were highly ranked fighters for the Kaze collective. Her parents, brainwashed with Kaze propaganda, decided to gift their daughter to the research facilities of the collective. Sakura has spent her whole life being tested on and used for experiments. Her mutated mouth shows signs of experiments gone wrong.
Sakura made her escape one day during an experiment, slashing the throat of a Kaze scientist. She had nowhere to go and slept on the dark streets of Wintermoon for days. This was until a young man going by the name of Kenji bumped into her. He was not put off by her looks, but was rather drawn in by her gentle voice and tender emerald green eyes. The two were very drawn to each other, but could their love last?

Kenji planned to join the Saiba Gang initiation ceremony, but if he earned a place, would they accept Sakura? She was clearly a product of the Kaze… But why wouldn’t they? She knows things they don’t. She had been trained by the Kaze. She knows their plans. She knows their hideouts. Is she willing to give this information away knowing this would surely be the demise of her parents who she couldn’t help but love.

Personal struggle: She had friends in Kaze. Her parents are Kaze. Will Stockholm syndrome kick in??


Submitted by Discord user: TangoLima#8522
Twitter: @tl_sia
Saiba #1421

Light grey-skinned boy with neon green eyes and earrings, short red hair on top and black hair on sides. Purple breathing mask, red scarf, and red and black lava suit. Kitana on his back. Yellow background.

Description: Kenji comes from a farming family on the outskirts of Wintermoon. Always big and strong, one day he was helping his father in the field and fell off their donkey and broke his back, paralyzing him from the neck down. Distraught and without alternatives, his family sold their farm to afford the lava suit for him to have a normal life. The suit is an exoskeleton that not only gives him the use of his body back, it also makes him stronger than 3 strong men combined… When it’s charged, that is.

His neon green eyes and neon barred ears have been augmented for heightened senses while his Shuriken mask is tuned to regulate airflow for an enhanced fighter’s stamina.

Backstory/Personality: Kenji is a good-natured individual, a friendly gentle giant but when he gets into a fight, he goes all out and is nearly unstoppable. His lava suit gives him a normal life and can be powered up for short bursts of superhuman strength. He glows red with a buzzing hum when about to unleash and the sight of a glowing lava suit strikes fear in enemies. He is adept with a sword but really only needs his fists.

Although his father had planned for him to take over the farming, after they were forced to sell their farm, their only hope is that he makes it into the Saiba Gang so he can have an income to support his entire family who now lives in a shanty in the Dregs.

Biggest Personal Struggle: Kenji may be a little too trusting so he is often taken advantage of. His lava suit is also an energy guzzler, and he has to be careful not to use up the charge or his suit shuts down and becomes dead weight. He constantly lives with range anxiety and always hunts for power sources to stay adequately charged.


Submitted by Discord user: Squash32 | 453–9#2686
Saiba #2707

Light grey-skinned man with a narrow face. Shortish white hair, some small locks falling to the sides and one down his forehead. Neon green and silver shades. Markings on his cheeks. Tattered and patched blue and black hoodie. Two kitanas.

Description: My name you ask…I don’t share it anymore. I am the last remaining of the resistance who survived the founding of the new Wintermoon that began after the Kaze invasion, 100 years ago. My name died with the last of my comrades who survived. To everyone else, I’m known as The Moon.

Backstory/Personality: For 100 years, I’ve been a part of the struggle — I am weary. It is both the gift and the curse of cybernetics. I’ve seen so many brothers and sisters, and what I now consider sons and daughters lost. I stick to the fringes where it is quieter, but I teach and guide where needed. Where most Saiba are about speed and violence of action, I am patient and still. I am one who is sent to complete impossible tasks. Like water carves stone through time and persistence, I am the water and the Kaze the stone. Our enemy is human after all, and eventually, everyone makes a mistake — but if the Moon is watching it will be their last.

Their biggest personal struggle: Experience is the most brutal of teachers. I know the Kaze and how to hunt them as well as any, but the cost has been great. My sorrow for those we have lost is a knife frozen in my gut. Like the Moon, I am cold and distant, but I try to provide light and guidance to those losing themselves in the darkness.


Submitted by Discord user: Madheat88#8586
Twitter: @ItsNoah_NFT
Saiba #2424

Light grey-skinned boy with black hair, golden metal angel wings fanning out behind him, a red X over his left eye. He has one red eye and pink tattoos over his red eye and neck. Tattered and patched blue and black hoodie. Light blue background.

Description/Backstory: Notorious for his supreme combat ability and strategic thinking, Eros was among the first chosen to join the Saiba Elite Squad — a small force outfitted with the new Angel Wings technology.

Thanks to the wings’ Neuron-Link implant and countless hours of training, Eros can control the wings instinctively, boosting his speed and power and providing one of the Saiba’s best strategists with an improved vantage point.

Cold and calculated, Eros grew up blind to life’s joys. However, everything changed when he fell in love with Caspia, a Portside girl his age. Because of Caspia, he finally felt happiness creeping into his life, that is, until a mission to intercept a shipment of experimental weaponry ended in catastrophe. Intel grossly underestimated the number of Kaze defending the shipment and Eros, a staple on the Kaze’s most wanted list, was captured while aiding in the retreat.

Eros eventually escaped during transport, but not before a brief interrogation in which the Kaze were successful in piecing together his identity and some details of his personal life. Upon returning to Portside, he went to warn Caspia. What he found was her apartment empty and the Kaze insignia burned into the inside of her door. Was she taken hostage? Killed? Needing to alter his appearance, he dyed his hair black, got tattoos, and donned the “fearmonger mask” to restore his anonymity to the Kaze and protect those he may grow close to in the future.

Personal Struggle: Following the mysterious disappearance of the Portside leader, some Portside Saiba began looking to Eros, as an experienced member of the Elite Squad, for direction and stability. He’s always been highly respected but has never been considered an inspirational or vocal leader. Now it’s necessary that he undergo the personal growth required to step up and assume temporary command.

How effective will he be and how will he balance these responsibilities with his own battles: stifling his rage and hunting down clues as to what happened to Caspia? He also can’t ignore the nagging concern he has about the weapon shipment they failed to intercept. What was within the shipment that required so much manpower to protect and what future threat might this pose to the Gang?

#5 Omi and Omai

Submitted by Discord user: RudraShiva#0001
Saiba #2077 and #2263

Twin short black-haired and light grey skinned boys, one with green eyes and one with Blue. Black, grey and multicolor cybernetic suit. One has one kitana and the other has two. Violet background.

Omi (blue eyes) and Omai (green eyes) are pretty straightforward happy go lucky guys. They play pranks on each other and laugh at each other's jokes and occasionally wrestle and get in fistfights with each other. You know, brotherly love.

In the Industrial District, the pollution and the junk and garbage make the place seem like a dump to most outsiders. That is probably because it is a dump, but it is a dump that these two love. Their parents work endlessly to provide them food and a place to crash at night because that is the only time you will ever see them at home.

Omi loves to call out a random game or riddle and grab his swords and bolt out of the house. Omai is always caught off-guard but enjoys being a good sport to his brother, so he will bolt after him with his single katana and join in on the fun.

The brothers stand out a bit because they love climbing to high towers and stargazing and talking about destiny. In Wintermoon, this is a bit bizarre because everyone has the Metaverse and cyber drugs, who cares about destiny? Well, these two, and they are convinced they are destined for something great. Something that may alter the path of history and the strings of fate for millions around the world.

The troublemaking duo likes to dream big, and though their jovial attitude is their greatest strength, it may prove to be their greatest weakness as well.


Submitted by Discord user: Polis Dan🏰#5333
Saiba #1535

Descripton: Named Di, The Death Machine, is a Cyborg (Cybernetic Organism), a perfect human-technology mixture and a masterpiece from a Kaze’s scientist. Di can use robotic eyes to track enemies under any circumstances and use her superfluid body to chase every running enemy. In addition, the hemi skin helps her defend herself from flame, bullet, or sword damage.

Di no longer remembers how many enemies sparked their extreme panic and fear when they found that the swords could not even cut into her skin. She never said a word to her enemies or allies, which has given her the name “Di, The Killing Machine.” Her bronze-eyed gaze will stop anyone who is curious about what she looks like without her.

Backstory: Born in a broken family, Adiya’s parents were slave workers in the Kaze’s mines. Her mother violated strict rules stealing the crystal in Kaze’s mine. To punish her and her family, the Kaze forced her father to kill her mother to show his loyalty and keep his own life. Adiya saw it all.

Her father was later accused of being a spy for the Saiba Gang and executed. After that, Di was found and adopted by KSPC (Kaze Special Purpose Commision), mysterious organization which applies any means possible to strengthen the power of Kaze rule and consolidate their power. KSPC’s scientists experiment with cutting-edge, but unstable, technology to level up Kaze’s soldiers’ strength. And poor Wintermoon kids like Di are kept for the sake of experiment. No one knows what she had been through there. The kids going in together with her were never seen again.

Di was the one successful experimental entity, and she showed her prominent combat competency beyond KSPC’s expectations. It was an extreme success. After a long discussion, KSPC decided to return Di to the residents of Wintermoon and urged her to quickly become a member of Saiba Gang, improve her status and reputation through her excellent combat ability and performance, and provide intelligence services for Kaze.

Some whisper among the KSPC against Di, that she may betray Kaze, but the majority of KSPC believe that the brainwashing work has been done perfectly and the brain control chip in Di can always put Kaze in a good position.

Struggle: Adiya is going crazy. She lost memories about her past and she cannot even understand her own behaviors. Tons of doubts flooded in Di’s mind:

- Who am I?
- Where am I going?
- What am I fighting for
- Why there is a sound in my mind telling me what to do?
- Why I kept killing Kaze’s enemies while I kept sending key information about the Gang to Kaze’s officials beyond my own control?
- Am I a betrayer?
- Which side do I belong to?

Di struggles to find out who she was, who she is, but she just continues killing.

#7 KAY

Submitted by Discord user: Squash32 | 453–9#2686
Saiba #1495

Description: Hey everyone my name is Kay. I’m somewhere around 19 years old I think, hard to tell really. I’m a lover, not a fighter, and truth be told, I’m here for the dogs.

Backstory/Personality: I’ve been on the streets since I was 6. Don’t really remember any family, at least not the human kind. I basically grew up with dogs. Not like they raised me or anything, we just kind of stuck together. We looked out for each other, kept one another company, and had fun when we could. But if you think the Kaze treat the people of Wintermoon poorly, the dogs have it way worse. They are starved, beaten, forced to fight and then used for target practice.

I made it my mission to save the dogs I could — and the Saiba gave me the opportunity. So, you’ll usually find me surrounded by various mutts in different stages of rehabilitation. My dogs and I pretty much only go out at night when we have the vision advantage and are always looking for the next rescue!

Unfortunately, not all dogs we free from the Kaze are immediately receptive — hence my armor! And not all Kaze like the idea of me freeing their dogs — hence the katanas! But the wagging tails make it all worth it in the end.

Their biggest personal struggle: I really don’t like violence if it can be avoided, which kind of sets me apart from my Murderbot brothers and sisters! I can find plenty of ways to undermine the Kaze that doesn’t involve indiscriminate killing. Unfortunately, I end up the brunt of a lot of jokes, but hey I have dogs!

— — — —

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