The SAIYA! Rewards System

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4 min readDec 29, 2021


Tl;dr talk WAGMI, walk WAGMI

Web3 is all about abundance, ownership, and distribution of both of those throughout a system. Basically, that means that we win together.

However, too many NFT projects have the abundance flowing vertically to the developers, or outward to paperhands who extract the value and exit quickly. The ones left holding the bag are often HODLers who work the most alongside the developers to create an awesome community and project, but they don’t get to see the value unless they sell their equity in the project. We want to flip the script on that.

For all these reasons, we believe the current system needs an upgrade. So, we created the Saiya! Rewards System which distributes value proportionately to the Saiba holders who generate the value. We believe it will create a thriving community of people who love the opportunity to participate to earn in a project they love and believe in! WAGMI!

Also, let’s talk about inclusion for a second. Crypto and NFTs are still out of reach for most of the world. We believe that NFTs and the metaverse are only great if it is accessible to all. WAGMI isn’t real if billions are left behind. That’s why this system is available for non-holders, too, so people who don’t have access to crypto or can’t afford an NFT can get in on the game through sweat equity.

We believe in WAGMI and this is our way of walking our talk. SAIYA!!!


Activities + Rewards for NFT Holders:

  • Twitter posts + retweets from our page (max 3 per day): 🌙 25 each
  • Add a member to the gang (active after 1 week): 🌙 50
  • Comment (Twitter, Youtube, Reddit) (max 5 per day per channel, must be on high traffic posts): 🌙 20

Activities + Rewards for non-holders:

  • Twitter posts + retweets from our page (max 3 per day): 🌙 20 each
  • Add a member to your gang (active after 1 week): 🌙 40
  • Comment (Twitter, Youtube, Reddit) (max 5 per day per channel, must be on high traffic posts): 🌙 15


The Saiba Gang holders that have been active this past couple of months and future Saiba Gang ambassadors.

Once you recruit 5 members to your gang, you can become an official Gang Leader, and your rewards are amplified.

1. Rewards:

  • Extra $tsuki for activities
  • A Saiba
  • A Kaze

2. Activities + Rewards:

  • Twitter posts + retweets from our page: 🌙 35
  • Add a member to your gang (active after 1 week): 🌙 70
  • Your gang’s activity: per post/comment from your army 🌙1
  • Comment (Twitter, Youtube, Reddit): 🌙 20

Rewards (what you can buy with $tsuki)

There will be a store where you can redeem your $tsuki for rewards. The stock of the store will change regularly and we’ll listen to you about what you would love to see in it.

  • Saibas
  • Kaze
  • Collectibles (special NFT collection only available with $tsuki but can be sold on secondary)
  • Hi-res art prints, including rare editions of panels from the manga
  • Merch (coming soon)
  • Other (surprises)


No spamming and please only comment on high-traffic posts.
Only accounts with 100 or more followers can qualify for the retweets/posts
1 retweet/post per day up to 500 followers
2 retweets/posts per day up to 1000 followers
3 retweets/posts per day over 1000 followers

There will be maximums so that people can’t game, and we will be monitoring for spam and fake numbers.

Violations will result in a warning, then losing all points, and then being removed from the position.

We reserve the right to adjust the numbers (but not retroactively) in order to manage the system in a way that is the best for all and to adjust to the growing community. We welcome feedback!


There will be a tag in the Discord for Gang Leaders’ gang members.

People will self-report their activity daily (must be logged within 24 hours) and a VA will be tasked with verifying and rewarding the points.

There will be 3 more channels:

  • a log & claim channel (where you share what they’ve done and the VA rewards you and you can also claim your rewards in the store)
  • a rules/instructions channel
  • a store, where you can see what’s available to purchase when you want to spend your $tsuki


Gang Squads will be invited to participate in activities for group rewards. Some of those activities might include:

  • Rewards for being the most active squad in the Discord during a given period
  • Create the best memes
  • Best Twitter content
  • Etc.

So there it is, gang! WAGMI!



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